Phil and Sebastian Coffee Roasters

Coffee Sourcing

We worked with Phil and Sebastian Coffee Roasters from Calgary, Alberta Canada to identify important points and collect information about the coffee industry. It was important for them to work directly with farmers and so this is the area we wanted to focus on when working with them. The result was a series of graphics showing different layers of trading practices.


Expanding on the previous graphic we developed a more complex representation of the interworking system of growing and distributing a bag coffee. This graphic encases every aspect of growing, processing and brewing coffee in the modern world.

Monetary distribution within different systems of trade. This graphic was one of the first in order to shed light on how well established hierarchies skim profit from the farmers. This graphic illustrates 5 systems that are popular in the current coffee trade.


A visual comparison between a Coop System and a Privately Owned Mill when processing and exporting the farmers coffee. Within developing coffee countries like Africa governmental systems restrict the exchange between the roaster and the farmer. This reduces the incentive to create a better bean as the farmer receives the same amount and only later would the beans be rated higher and all profits would be gained by the collective. This was an important message for Phil and Sebastian to talk about as they believe in developing personal relationships directly with the farmer in order to increase bean quality and give the profit to the farmer when the bean is a better grade.