concise and engaging visuals out of any topic 



South West British Columbia
Seasonal Vegetable, Fruit and Herb Visual

Beautiful, abundant and flexible!
The sweet looking vibe in this piece is formed because of the power of the information that's being presented. You're getting many variables of information all at once. That's why you feel the need to explore it. It gives you a whole subset of information to frame all other learning. Colour, Season, Abundance, Longevity. Its not the design that takes focus but the design that allows the information to tell its story. It is a better representation of the system and instantly educates, no matter your learning level. 

HxBIA 5 Year Renewel Report

2012 - 2016 (10 pages)


HXBIA is a high impact community planning association in Vancouver BC Canada.
Impact is key. So we created an 8 page visual reflection of what that impact meant for the community.
The result was a stunning and full feeling document highlight all the impact that resulted from the HXBIA's work over their 5 years. 



Moon Phase Chart - 2015/2016/2017

We take any kind information and make it beautiful.
Moon phases are well known and explored topic. We set out to make a celebration of the moon and ended with this clear and vibrating flow and flex in the information. The information sits simply beside all other data points, all distraction is striped away and only the necessary information remains.
This is a celebration of the moon in a simple and effortless visual. 


Total Precipitation over the last 5 years

Vancouver, B.C. Canada

2010 - 2015

Total Precipitation over the Last 5 Years (quarterly data) for Vancouver: Top 2010 - Bottom July 2015

Groundswell Grassroots Economic Alternatives

Groundswell | Grassroots Economic Alternatives
Action Statement
Mission Statement Graphic (1/5)  


Groundswell wanted a graphic that had more impact than just a paragraph of words.

We transformed a beautifully written Mission Statement, Vision Statement and Goals into an impactful online visual message. 

The result is a colourful and lively graphic showing what happens when a community of people with good ideas come together to create and make good solutions. 


Vancouver 2015


We created a wall hanging bike poster. A more detailed and labeled version is also available. By stripping away the city we highlight features that most impact our own lives. This map shows how bikes connect the city for thousands of people a day. 

We are continuously focussing on city infrastructure that improves our connections within the community. This graphic asks: Where can I go on a bike?


Emily Carr University : Way Finding System Map Design

Design Department, South Building