Single Transferable Voting Infographic

All votes count.

We worked with a group that lead the charge in shifting the existing voting system to become Single Transferable Voting during a referendum in British Columbia Canada.


Our initial meetings brought to the surface the communication barrier they faced. While the group previously were encouraged to find ways to market the system within traditional marketing. This included posters, billboards and digital ads. These communication pieces were reduced to over simplified messages and didn’t fully express the benefit of the system and why anyone should want to implement this system in BC. The administration were full of useful and relevant information but had a bottle neck in portraying this information to the general public. Its either it was too simple or too complex and long winded. They needed to spread the system to young voters and even though their attempts hit the right media the message wasn’t concise and rich enough to bring these people into action to vote for the system.


We found during our research stages that the system itself needed more care in its explanation to the general public. Based on our interviews there was mass confusion about how the system would work in comparison to the current system.
An infographic has the best balance of fast acting and information rich in order to clarify an otherwise complex multilayered system to the average voter.

The result is a mock vote infographic. It was hung in lunch rooms, shared on social media and at public events. By breaking down a vote visually we helped the voter better understand the system and make a better informed decision without having to comb through long technical documents.