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Visually Powerful Communication

Visual communication is easier, faster and more effective in relaying a message. Our graphics allow for learning to happen naturally. Here we have accumulated some overview highlights from some projects that give you an idea as to whats possible with concise and interesting information.

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Seasonal Produce Chart  - Vancouver, BC Canada - CLICK TO BUY

Seasonal Produce Chart - Vancouver, BC Canada - CLICK TO BUY


Green Party of Canada - Iconography and Initiative Voting Chart. Developed as a fast acting public tool to get insight as to where voters want action and leads to higher targeted campaigns for the Green party. Green stickers are given as 1 vote, while yellow are secondary and third votes. Posters are currently being deployed across Canada to better understand the public’s drive during this years Canadian election.


Groundswell Corporate Presentation for fundraising - Motion Graphics including visual breaking down value per invested dollar

Drink Menu  - Elysian Coffee Roasters and Cafe - Vancouver BC Canada. 1 of a Series of Local Drink Menus at coffee shops.

Drink Menu - Elysian Coffee Roasters and Cafe - Vancouver BC Canada. 1 of a Series of Local Drink Menus at coffee shops.

Distribution of a Single 340 Gram Bag of Coffee. Created as part of coffee information series. It promotes the need for tighter bonds between the Cafe, Roaster and, Farmer.

Water Park Photo Shoots for WhiteWater West Industries - Photos are a key visual element to have in your communication arsenal. Our first task, and the most obvious place to start, was to fill in their image library with their amazing creations and most innovative products.

Brand Publication Design - WhiteWaters entire print catalog. Emphasizing big beautiful photographs that show a range of emotionally and technically descriptive images and text to best communicate the range of information the client needs when making a decision.


Bike Routes BC Tote bag and Shirt Project - They come in versions called “The Local” thats blank and simple and “The Tourist” with city name, and other details.

The Introduction Infographic Series - Introductions are jammed packed with a ton of new information. We created a series of visuals allowing a sales person to extend their impression in an easy to digest and understand company profile.

WhiteWater West Industries - Water Park Designer and Manufacturer Icon Set - 100 Icons for Rides, experiences, and other comparative features between their wide product line. Implemented company wide.


Safety Poster - Showing - development of 4 of 12 safety icons

HXBIA - 5 Year Social Impact Report - Publication design, infographics, icons, charts and other visual tools to provide clarity of impact for government grants and public awareness.