WhiteWater Water Parks

Waterslides don’t just sell themselves


Even though it seems like an easy sell, the waterslide business is a competitive industry. What makes one company stand out from the other could be subtle features that may not be apparent to the customer. WhiteWater was already the leader in the industry so it was a matter of showcasing the best parts of what they do. This was our main focus when working with their information. By collaborating over many years with multiple levels of the organization we found many unique stand out reasons as to why WhiteWater is hands down the best company to choose when building a waterpark.



Infographics - The WhiteWater sales team need many different levels of detail when selling these multi million dollar projects. This includes the following macro perspective as what it is like structurally to work with the organization. As an intro this can be easily shared and understood by new clients without taking much of the sales persons time.

Product Overviews with Rendered Visuals - Utilizing existing architectural renders to show features that aren’t apparent in photographs of the structure. This practice has been adopted within the organization to create compelling product selling points. Subtle improvements within these structures is huge for the customer so we wanted to make sure that it is celebrated in every way possible within their content.

Icons - A set of 50 icons we’re developed to help in breaking up text heavy technical documents and add quick reference points about attributes and features.

Product and Services Overview Documents

Day 1_1.jpg

Photography - Its a tough job but someones gotta do it. Our team photographer was lucky enough to get a chance to visit waterparks all over the world to capture new and fresh images for WhiteWater. When we started working with WhiteWater one of our first pieces of advice was to improve their image gallery. They were consistently using outdated images of old projects and it made the whole organization feel stale. We knew that they needed fresh bright and captivating images in order to inspire their clients into investing in their product line. The result was hundreds of images that filled their media cache with heart stopping photographs that they can use for years to come.